Sunday, 22 June 2014

Hi! My name is...

I remember attending my high school reunion a few years back.  I can only describe it as highly awkward and marginally fun.  Some of these people had been great friends of mine but through the passing of time, we lost touch.  Others I knew casually but still saw a hint of recognition.  As the evening progressed we told stories about our current lives and began the reconnection process…It turned out not to be as painful as I had anticipated.  Still...having to relive my 80s fashion choices through preserved photos wasn't easy...

Here I am again.  I checked the date of my last blog post and found to my shock and horror that April 9 was the most recent entry.  Seriously?!  Over 2 months with no updates, writings or shenanigans to report?  I am now at the "Blog Reunion" standing in the crepe-paper decorated virtual gym looking, hoping for friends with whom to reconnect.  Sure it's awkward, but I'm going to try a few opening lines and hope that the friendship we've formed will once again pick up where we left off.

So for now I open with the standard conversation of all reunions, conferences and events:




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