Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sud*n: Up to Its Neck in Turmoil

Last night before I went to sleep I read some recent Tweets and saw a caption that said, "Flooding in S*dan Wreaks Havoc."  What?!  Flooding?!  It rained a total of 3 times during our 2 year stay.  Each time it was maybe for 15 minutes.  Flooding?  I clicked on an article that reported heavy rains in all quadrants of S*dan.  This is extremely unusual.  I found pictures and couldn't believe my eyes.

I thought about the first house we had lived in when we arrived in K-town.  A fairly new build, but following one day of heavy rain the structure split in half.  What would days of rain do to the mud brick homes and the lean-tos that so many S*danese people lived in?  The pictures* tell the story. 

There are no government emergency plans for situations like this because there is never any change in weather…ever.  It may be hot and get hotter, but every day is the same. Sunny and hot.  Hot and sunny.  

It is reported that the road from K-town to the North has been destroyed.  Another road from K-town to the Red Sea also ruined.  S*dan was in crisis before this politically, spiritually…now its literally up to its neck in flooding, oppression and turmoil.

The government isn't allowing any aid (short or long-term) into the country.  The people continue to suffer.  It's difficult to watch from a distance all that's happening in this land we love.

Would you pray for our friends in S*dan?  We know that Jesus sees each one and loves them so much.  Would you pray that the opportunity will come for us to return to continue to be His hands extended?

 *Photos sourced from internet


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