Wednesday, 7 August 2013

We Can't Say It Enough

Beautiful roses waiting...
Today is a monumental day!  We have moved into our be-it-ever-so-humble apartment!  John and I have spent the last few days getting things sorted, piped, drained, plugged in, installed, etc.  The apartment comes partly furnished with bed frames, tables and some rockin' Napoleon furniture.  We haven't put our personal touches on it yet, but we can work on that day by day.

Right now we just want to say thank you.  Thank you to each person who opened their doors and allowed us to stay in their homes over the last 7 months (on both sides of the pond).  In the Bible (The Book of Acts) it talks about Jesus' followers having everything in common and no one lacking anything.  We have truly experienced generous, open-handed living just like them.

Food provided...
When we were first expelled from S*dan, we were greeted with warm hugs and a place to stay complete with stocked cupboards and roses.  

When we realized that we would need to continue to live in Nairobi for a while, a beautiful home and vehicle were offered.

Friends came alongside and taught me how to shop, navigate, make jewelry and know about all things Kenya.  They also listened, prayed and paced with us as we received reports from our team still in S*dan.
Friends and Jewelry-making!

Meals were prepared, clothes were given. Looking back, I realized we didn't have any of our personal possessions that I usually consider so critical.  Yet we had everything we needed.  We lacked nothing.  Our "blood" family and our "Jesus" family gave and gave and gave.

My goal through all this?  To live the same way, to hold loosely to items placed in my hands so that others may reap the same generosity we have.  

Thank you, friends and family. And thank you, Jesus.  We can't say it enough.

New favorite things discovered!

Delicious food shared with wonderful friends...
Dodging Nairobi traffic skills gleaned..

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