Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Cavewoman Diet: Week 3

Cruising down the Nile at Christmas
Are you as sick of hearing about vegetables as I am eating them?  No, seriously.  Someone wrote an article saying that at this stage I should be seeing some of the benefits of this new healthy lifestyle.  Things which would include really tasting the flavor of food in its pure state without chemicals or additives, boundless energy and an awareness of my psychological dependency (if there be any) on food.  Well, apparently there be.

I have actually quite enjoyed this little trip into Healthdom right up until the point that I realized I have yet to wake up to a size 3.  I understand that I'm taking myself on a journey of discovery…blah, blah, blah.  Truly the deal that I made between my mouth and my thighs is this:  I will give you all the delicious nutrients that you say you require if you promise not to provide such a prominent display of yourselves in public.  Deal?  Deal.

I feel as though I'm keeping my part of the bargain, but they are slow to respond, reluctant to give up the limelight.  Before anyone sends me any cheer up articles about how fat burns and how this can't be undone overnight…I get it.  No really.  I do get it.  I think that's what makes this all the more challenging.  

I understand a "slip on the lips, forever on the hips".  I haven't slipped a bit.  Not an iota.  Only to my husband have I been more true.  It's the brain game that's in effect now.  Convincing myself that this is not just an event, but a life choice.  (Oh, good grief.  I'm sounding more and more like an infomercial all the time!  STOP me if I start to Prancercise!)

This is good.  I'm still in it.  I prepped another week's worth of vegetables and have mounds of fruit nearby.  10 more days until we have reached the completion of our first Whole30 challenge.  Very exciting.  Life is simply too good to numb it with Twinkies.  (Now THAT is the start of a great informercial!)


The phrase "Cavewoman Diet" is just a fun name I've given this style of eating.  It's also called "Paleo Eating" which refers to the time when nomads hunted and gathered their food…i.e. meat, berries, root vegetables, etc.  

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  1. No comments yet? I am not tired of hearing about it at all. I'm super impressed with your no slipping up at all and that you are in this for the long haul.